The Caravan, or more properly the Caravans because there are several, is splitting up and it has lost its control. This is not unusual, and we have many years of examples. This series of Caravans is following the known pattern of breaking up as those who hitch rides hopscotch the walkers, and some have taken the offers from Mexico, rather than subject themselves to weeks more.

If experience holds, something like 1,000 will actually arrive at our Border, and while that is still a lot, it is manageable. It is not an invasion, but no doubt the stationing of troops will act as a deterrent for some. We will never know if the troops did any good, but certainly they do no harm and it sends messages to future Caravans.

There will be future Caravans. In the past, the US would send troops for stabilization, but today we can’t even get the support of the Central and South American governments to send troops to the failed state of Venezuela. That means we can’t pacify the gangs that cause the Caravans.

It would be easier to stop the problem at the source, and it would be better for the surrounding nations to ask for military help from us, but they remember the old days of Imperialism.

We must face a Caravan, not unlike the European problem. I both cases, it alters the culture of nations but it is inexorable.

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