I Am A Nationalist

The shift in the House is basically immaterial because they didn’t do much anyway. Anyway, trading the House for a solid Supreme Court seems like a really good deal in the long run.

It appears that my local CongressCritter, Duncan Hunter, won his seat without my vote, although he is likely to spend years in jail. He is facing indictments for stealing from his constituents funded Campaign Fund to the tune of $250,000. My fellow voters apparently thought they would at least get a Republican in a Special Election. That is likely as a plan, but it was just one bridge too far for me.

I really hated what he, an Afghanistan Marine Vet. Became. He disgraced his uniform.

The San Diego City Council is now 6-4 Democratic, so that tells you that California is lost, but it is still warm. 74, 75, 74, 75,74….as far has the eye can see, but politically this state has moved further left. A look at the political map shows that, exactly like the rest of the country, the urban centers are Democratic and the suburban and rural areas are Republican. Until the Republican Party addresses this problem it faces a problem.

One message of the election is that, as my son so succinctly put it, the Libertarian Party won the election because nothing will get done. A Libertarian wet dream!

I rise to a point of Personal Privilege…I am a Nationalist! By definition, anyone who serves in the military is, by definition, a Nationalist, or they should not serve. I was really embarrassed when I had to fight under the UN flag in Korea because I didn’t sign up at age 17 to represent the UN.

If you swear allegiance to the US Constitution, you are, by definition, a Nationalist!

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