The Left Is Also Vulnerable

The assault on Tucker Carlson’s home by ANTIFA was monstrous.

It would also be illegal in most communities, and the police in Washington, D.C. are indeed looking into it. Perhaps Portland and Seattle police are looking into events in their communities, but in the case of Tucker Carlson at least the Washington Post has both reported the event and published columns condemning the idiocy. I know, because I subscribe just to keep an eye on the left.

Civility is being lost, event by event. There is a qualitative difference between shouting a party out of a restaurant, unmasked and in full view of others, and trying to invade a private home while facially masked. More than just a qualitative difference, but a criminal difference. It is domestic terrorism!

There is a vast difference once family members are involved, and I have some experience with that. About five years after my column was being published, some idiot tried to torch my home, three times, succeeding only in turning a beautiful Torrey Pine into a torch. I was livid because my family was home, so when the arsonist did a drive by taunt he became Ground Zero for a brief but very intense encounter.

The ANTIFA cowards threatened Carlson’s wife. Way over the line, and Carlson would do well to parallel the police investigation with a private one of his own, just to keep the D.C. police honest. One idiot outed himself by writing a column in “ThinkProgress” to defend their act, because even the temperate Left knows that, although the Right has remained civil, the Left is also vulnerable.

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