The Caravan Arrives

Busses started arriving yesterday in Tijuana from the “Caravan” and the military is hardening the Border to make certain that the possible “Rush the Border” is contained. Several lanes of the 20 plus lanes were closed today to do some work, and it backed up traffic from Mexico for miles!

If Trump decides to close the Border it will have a huge economic problem for the tens of thousands of San Diego workers who take advantage of the much lower living costs in Tijuana. It is not just Mexican nationals with Green Cards, but American citizens who live in Tijuana.

The incoming Caravan participants are several weeks ahead of the poor walkers who can’t afford the luxurious busses arriving now, and it gets them a several week head start in the administration lines. Even for those arriving now, they have a four to six week wait before their processing begins.

Many in the Caravan are facing not just months of shelters already full, but the Tijuana residents are justifiably concerned about a potential increase in crime from bored teenagers running short on money.

We have local photos on the TV of youth scaling the ancient metal walls and sitting atop while Border Patrol horsemen and ATV riders waited in case any of the wall climbers came over. It is highly unlikely those wall climbers came from the bus passengers. There are thousands of Mexican residents who have been previously deported and look for any opportunity to return.

This is just the most recent Caravan, and one arriving piecemeal but running up against a new kind of president, one who will finally push back instead of accommodating. Accommodating has brought us 22 million illegal aliens, just since 1986, when anyone in the US who wanted US citizenship, got it. I personally hand-held two workers through the Immigration lines in Escondido.

There were fewer than four million illegals who applied for and were granted citizenship.

Finally, someone read the law! There is still an Amnesty loophole, which permits obvious potential workers to clog the legal system up completely, denying true Amnesty applicants their day in Court for months.

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