The Brakes Have Been Applied

As more members of the Caravan arrive, 800 so far according to local TV stations, violence has broken out between local Tijuana residents and members of the Caravan. One Tijuana Policeman was stabbed, the Tijuana residents threw bottles and the Caravan threw rocks.

San Diego and Tijuana think of themselves a single Metropolis, with as much cooperation as is possible. There is even a special entry to the Tijuana airport on the San Diego side. If the president actually closes the border the pressure on Tijuana will be intense in just one day.

Looking at videos of the initial members of the Caravan, it is obvious that the members are mostly teenagers. Crowded teenagers, tired, angry and hungry is a formula for unrest.

Our government has no incentive to assist in this looming disaster, and volunteer groups will soon tire of feeding and housing the unruly horde. The Mexican government has the same sort of Field Hospitals, Field Kitchens and huge housing tents that we have, although certainly not in the same quantity. Mexico would do well to get their troops in Tijuana, and quickly.

This mess is going to turn out badly for Mexico, and the worse it gets, the greater the pressure on Caravans not to even begin. Caravans didn’t begin just this year, they have been going on for more than a decade.

The brakes have been applied.

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