Run For The Border…

The US closed the Border this morning for a few hours and that seriously snarled traffic on the Border for the morning.

We have 26 lanes coming from Tijuana into San Diego, and after closing all lanes for installation of temporary barriers and Concertina Wire, only 15 lanes were reopened. This both provided additional barriers against a Border Crash, but sent a message to the Mexican government. A Border closing would wreck the Tijuana economy in weeks.

Meanwhile, there was Intelligence that a Border Crash of hundreds of illegal immigrants was planned in the near future. Certainly some groups are planning something before they accept defeat and either get jobs in Mexico, or return to their countries of origin.

Many will try a rush and then await their individual attempts with a Coyote to sneak in after the Caravan dissolves, as it certainly will. The pressure on the Caravan, now that it faces certain defeat, is intense. They can’t get across the Border, and they can’t stay. The US can only process 100 applicants a day, so only those who really believe they have a shot at acceptance will try.

Most of the Caravan are only economic refugees seeking a better job in the US. Rain is scheduled for the weekend, and that will add to the misery of the Caravan, making a Rush or two more likely soon unless the massive US preparations discourage them. That depends upon how successful the Caravan’s Intelligence and media have penetrated the core of the Caravan, with knowledge of what is actually the facts on the ground.

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