Run For The Border II

I checked, and the traffic at the border at 2 pm on Monday included a three hour automobile wait, I suspect because we reduced the number of traffic lanes about half, to 17 lanes. Traffic waits at the border are endemic and are an every day occurrence with 27 lanes. Traffic reports every morning announce the wait at the border, and the 2 pm wait is what we usually see in the early morning.

(Some reports say 26 lanes, with 16 now open.)

This traffic information only concerns passenger cars. There is a separate entrance for trucks, and so far I have heard nothing about a slowdown there. The traffic at the passenger car lanes disrupts the flow of shipyard, and office workers who find they can live better for half the overpriced costs of San Diego County. They trade living costs for inconvenience, and most of the time this works.

The ruling by US District Judge Tigar of San Francisco provides that the Caravan currently in Tijuana need not apply solely at San Ysidro, and that may take some pressure off the Caravan members who can sneak in anywhere and apply for asylum, but it would be an added burden to pay thousands to a Coyote.

While Intelligence would likely give the Border Patrol an Alert, I can see the likely approach. The first wave of healthy youth would bring available mattresses and throw them over the razor wire for a second wave of women and children to occupy the Border Patrol, followed by thousands of youth. This Border Rush, if it happens at all is still more likely than sitting in camps for months.

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