A Pew Research Center Report says that half of adult Americans have learned something new on YouTube.

That is surprising, at least the percentage, but I use YouTube to feed my interest in the Middle Ages, particularly in Britain. The BBC has apparently been as interested as I and has produced a ton of interesting programs. My initial interest had been the result of reading a historical novel based on the Battle of Agincourt by Bernard Cromwell, and I found several really interesting videos of reenactments or commentaries of that famous battle.

For those not familiar with the battle, it was during the 100 Year War between Britain and France. A British army, commanded personally by King Henry V, decimated by dysentery and starvation, was struggling through France, simply trying desperately to get to the French Coast to escape back to Britain. The British Army was shadowed by a massive French Army, not content with letting well enough alone and finally getting between the straggling British Army, and the Port Of Calais. Bad move as it happens, because the French Knights, the creme Of French Aristocracy, mounted on War Horses, faced the WMD of the day, the British Long-bowmen. Vastly outnumbered, the British 5,000 Long-Bowmen could put 60,000 arrows into the air in one minute at a range of more than 200 yards. End of story…but this is the Readers Digest edition, and the Battle was much more interesting.

Anyway, YouTube has many programs on Castles, and Medieval life, and archaeology, and so many interesting subjects more than just How to Get The Best Out Of Your AirPods. (Which I also recommend. Both AirPods, and the YouTube video…ta.)

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