A Seething Mass At The Border

The Tijuana encampment held 6,219 souls yesterday, and several thousand are still on the way. The encampment is looking for other shelters in the Tijuana area, because sanitation is currently suspect trending towards unsanitary and soon awful!

The current encampment is in a sports stadium. A small group of 500 under White Flags approached the Border at the Pedestrian Bridge, complaining about the unsanitary conditions for babies caused by a light rain last night. It is going to get colder and wetter, not to mention more crowded.

Give the Mexican governments their due, they are doing their best. Organization is not a mark of Mexican government, but they are throwing their backs into it, lest their citizens also reach as far as the United States Marines backing up every agency. No one wants to see a clash, but people get frustrated, they get angry, and they get moving. The question is, will they move North or South?

We hope South, but must be prepared for North. There are certainly a lot of young, restless workers. Many of heads because many could come back to the jobs they once held. There are always crowds of deportees in Tijuana trying ,to get back into the US.

As I have previously noted, the local record for a Returnee has been deported 17 times! Those locals previously deported 10 or 12 times wouldn’t even make Honorable Mention.

Meanwhile, there is a seething, and very large group gathering very close to our Border. That group could reach almost 10,000 within a week. The 500 tease group was within a stone’s flow yesterday, and the Mexican Police were enough to get them to turn back.

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