8,700 souls of Caravaners in Tijuana as of last night, and the need for policing the Caravan has strained the Tijuana police resources. The Tijuana police arrested 39 Caravaners who tried to rush the Border Wall, and the Border Patrol arrested 42 mostly men who breached the wall into the US in the rush.

On Monday, there were 25 murders in Tijuana, a number described as a “spike” in violence. I don’t know what a normal Monday would be, but the need to administer to the Caravan has obviously caused a problem in addition to feeding and sanitation.

The INS has said that the wait for Amnesty seekers must wait four to six weeks before getting a hearing. Thursday we have a cold rain coming just to add to the misery of those huddled under tents. Many, reportedly hundreds have surrendered themselves to Mexican authorities, to be sent by plane back to their home country.

Several Caravaners interviewed by local stations admitted they were returning to their home countries because they did not realize how difficult it would be to gain entry into the United States. Once the cold rains come, more may abandon their quest, and who knows about other Caravans, which may also get discouraged.

It would be nice to imagine that Caravans in Central America might get discouraged before they even form. Certainly that is the plan!

Meanwhile the economic impact of closing the lanes for five hours Sunday was felt locally. There is a huge mall in San Ysidro, and wealthy Tijuana residents (Yes, many exist) come across for shopping at that mall. The mall has 150 businesses, and cumulatively, they lost $1 million AN HOUR while the Border was shut! Shutting the Border has real economic impact on both sides, but it appears to have had great psychological impact on the Caravan, and this morning there are 22 lanes of traffic open for cars.

That indicates the intelligence in the Caravan says there is zero current interest is rushing the Border and Coyotes are no doubt recruiting among those able to pay $6,000 or more to be led across the Arizona Border.

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