Rain, The Caravan Will Suffer


Cold rain, at least cold to someone from Honduras. Those who remained at the encampment by the Border must be miserable, but those who moved to indoor facilities seven miles from the Border are more comfortable.

Apparently not comfortable enough, because busses leave for Honduras daily, returning those who had swallowed the rumor that California was a Sanctuary State so they could simply cross into California. Too late they discovered reality.

More have applied to Mexico for work permits while they hold out hope for acceptance into the US, but they need to buy a few items in the meanwhile. A few take a bus into Tijuana and buy cigarettes or fruit for resale.

You could say the Caravan has dissolved, or it is dissolving. A few, a very few take busses to Tecate, or even to Arizona seeking an easier way through the Border. Each night a handful climb the fence, or try to swim around the sea end, but the Border Patrol Is virtually shoulder to shoulder awaiting them.

The driver of the vehicle who killed three of his illegals in a chase last week is a 20 something US citizen who lives in Tijuana. He is being held on $3 million bond and has been charged with three counts of murder and a boatload of lesser charges. He will probably be in prison for the rest of his life.

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