On a normal day, 120 illegal aliens are captured in the San Diego Area, which includes 60 linear miles of fence lines. The morning report is that there has been an “uptick” in arrests, primarily by those purposely surrendering in order to hopefully apply for asylum. Whether they may do so is unknown.

Our storm was particularly long and hard for San Diego, and the most recent eight hours were particularly hard on South Bay and Tijuana. The news has had nothing on the Caravan, and I suspect there is little to tell. Cold and wet has no doubt cooled that ardor. We are suddenly above our normal rainfall, which is good news, unless you are trying to jump the Border fence.

The Grapevine was closed for snow. Certainly the Tijuana River is choked with sewage from a failed Tijuana sewage plant, although the news hasn’t covered that. It happens every rain, so it is not news, although it has been happening for at least 40 years, and Tijuana sewage closes our beaches.

The Desert Sun newspaper has a great article today on the New River in Calixico, which is even more polluted than even the Tijuana River, but it notes “Millions of gallons of sewage have continued to spill into the Pacific Ocean from the Tijuana River, fouling San Diego beaches.”


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