I am not certain who will be the next sacrificial lamb to be the Presidential Chief Of Staff now that the Adult Supervisor has left the room, but the White House appears to be in some turmoil.

After denying payments to a couple of women, Trump now says yes he directed the payments but since they were from his checkbook, they were not campaign contributions. The question, of course is: Were the payments designed to further Trump’s presidential campaign?

Then Tillerson remarked that the president tried to do illegal things in foreign policy, and the president called Tillerson, Trump’s personal selection to be SecState, “dumb as a box of rocks” which begs the question, why would Trump pick someone as dumb as a box of rocks to be Secretary of State? And, is someone who was international CEO of Exxon/Mobile, a much bigger and more international than Trump ever ran, really dumb?

Trump, we are reliably informed, loves chaos. He must be very happy, but the question is, should the rest of us who are not in on the joke, be equally happy?

I know I’m not! Because of my personal history, my North Star is North Korea, and that is a complete “Fail.”

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