Morning Rant

The clock is ticking.

Yesterday at 11 am a group of Caravaners, escorted by Tijuana police presented the US Consulate in Tijuana a demand, answer due tomorrow at 11 am.

The demand is that the US either give them Amnesty, or pay them $50,000 each to go home.

I suspect your attitude is similar to mine.


Months ago I knew what the Congress is apparently learning today, that Google is a bad actor in cyberspace, putting their thumbs on the scale in favor of Democrats, immigrants and Democrats.

Google has 76% of all searches so their coffers are being filled by advertisers. Even if you use #2, it is a Chinese search engine! For months I have used Duck Duck Go. It is a decent search engine, but sometimes I backslide and use Google, but I hate myself in the morning.


A usual, it seems scheduled break in a Tijuana sewer pipe has sent six millions of gallons of raw sewerage onto San Diego beaches each day since Monday. All beaches to the south of Coronado are closed.

This has gone on for many decades and although it is an international problem, our government has done nothing about it.


San Diego now has a Republican Mayor but a City Council with enough Democrats to override him. We are slouching our way to being Baltimore or Newark.

Never thought I would see the day! The Council President identifies herself as a “Queer Latina” and three of the Council seats are held by the LGBTQ community.

Go figure.


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