Government News Suppression

I had never heard of “News Suppression” in Western nations until I read in the WaPo this morning that news of the conviction of Cardinal George Pell for sexual abuse of two youth in Australia had been suppressed by the Australian government.

One newspaper protested the suppression by headlining, “CENSORED” on its first page. Cardinal Pell was until his trial began, the third ranking Cardinal in the Vatican. Apparently Pell is to undergo a separate trial on unrelated charges, and the Australian government believes that he could not receive a fair trial if news of the results of this trial were public. He will be sentenced in February. The newspaper printed a column under the headline saying they had news the people should know, but the newspaper could not print it.

Of course in the day of electronic news, Australians can subscribe to sources like the Washington Post where news may be suppressed by an Editor, but the Australian government holds no sway. That makes government suppression of the news stupid, and counterproductive.

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