Quick Hits

I watched Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on PBS. Too much Mormon, not enough Tabernacle Choir.


This is not shaping up as a good day for Trump, as he backs off threatening a shutdown of the government in order to “build the wall,” and he is shuttering his Trump foundation as the New York Attorney General announces that the foundation is found to have been used for political donation, to buy art for one of the Trump golf clubs, and other “shockingly illegal” acts.


A winter storm to the north of us is bringing 12 foot sets into San Diego for serious surfers, and possible 40 footers into Monterrey! These are beautiful, and serious Surfers are out. We will hit 80 degrees tomorrow. Ahhh…San Diego Winter!


Things are quiet at the Border. Rumors that it would be easy to get into the US drove the members of the Caravan to Tijuana, and reality has set in. Hopefully, this will slow the rate of Caravan formation as migrants return home.


The Republican Party no longer exists as a viable entity in California. Republicans lost to a super majority in the Assembly and the Senate, the San Diego City Council is under Democratic Party control, and the president of the City Council is a gay Latina.