We Were Not Listening

General Mattis is a great loss. Trump told us that he knows more than Generals…but then he also told us his military school attendance was the same as serving in the military.

(Both Trump claims are untrue.)

Of course, as General MacArthur proved, a president is Commander in Chief. And as history has proven, the General was correct in his plan to continue north to the Yalu River and completely crush North Korea. Truman settled for a draw at the 38th Parallel.

We are apparently returning to the bad old days when LBJ laid on the White House bedroom floor and picked targets in North Vietnam. All presidents appear to believe they are Generals, and that means as Commander in Chief they are heavenly imbued with military knowledge. That has not been so since Kings personally led troops, as King Henry V did at Agincourt.

General Mattis has been unhappy for some time, as his recommendations have been ignored. Mattis has believed himself superfluous and indeed he has been as Trump became his own General. Trump told us he would be, not just when he said he knew more than Generals, but when he told us he was his own primary advisor.

We can’t say we weren’t told, only that we didn’t hear.

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