A Family Affair

America First is widely being seen as America Alone. That is a radical departure from previous policies, and that is fine but decisions are being made and announced by President Trump without first doing serious staffing and without even telling his staff. Major policies are announced at rallies, and by tweets, catching everyone flat footed. Staff members are feeling useless, and indeed they are.

There is serious concern that other troop deployments may be returning home, and while it is certainly true that we are stretched far too thin, still it took time, money and many decades to build up these relationships. It’s not so much that it is being done, it is the precipitous manner with which it is done. Trump supporters may cheer the chaos, but they don’t have to live with it.

In a fit of pique, Trump replaced General Mattis several months early with a Boeing Executive who never served in the military, and has no international experience. This does nothing to impress either the troops or our allies but may well make the Oval Office happier. General Mattis suffers not a whit from the president’s pique because Mattis’ historically earned status is assured, and Trump was apparently annoyed by press coverage of Mattis.

Does firing Mattis two months early make Trump petty? Of course not. We knew he was petty a long time ago.

Trump once touted “His Generals.“ He has none left, in spite of lifetime military men being determined to serve their country.

Chris Christie, Who has been Trump’s friend for decades says (paraphrased): Trump is a New York builder. If he steps on a supplier, they stay stepped on, but someone else supplies. In international politics, if you step on someone they are still there, lying in the weeds waiting to get you.

Trump has fired his “A Team” or they have quit. He is now surrounded by no-names with no experience…to match Trump’s no-experience.

It is now a Trump Family Affair.

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