I am in favor of a woman’s right to an abortion until the woman’s fetus gets a Cognitive Brain Wave. That is the same brain wave we use to determine death of a patient, and when that wave exists it should determine life.

At one extreme of the argument we have the religious argument, primarily from the Catholic Church, that life begins at conception. At the other extreme is the proposed Virginia law, since defeated, that abortion can take place after the birth is completed. Apparently, that is also the case of the existing law in New York today. I can’t see that law passing legal muster under any circumstance. It is infanticide pure and simple, and I can’t understand the state legislature even passing that.

I have always believed that Roe v. Wade was a mistake. It should be a state issue under my reading of the 10th Amendment* since abortion is not in the Constitution, and neither is a Right to Privacy. I don’t object to the content of Roe v. Wade, just the tortuous manner in which it was decided. A Constitutionally aware SCOTUS needs to remedy this, and I believe it will..

I don’t argue with the State of New York’s right to set the limit on abortion, but I disagree with no restriction at all. States can argue where that limit is. I argue a Cognitive Brain Wave. Your opinion may vary….

* “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Trump’s Intuition

Appearing before the Senate, the heads of our intelligence services disagreed with President Trump on ISIS, Syria and other matters.

Trump thinks he knows better than the heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA, so obviously those huge and very expensive to maintain agencies are superfluous.

Let us abolish them and rely on Trump’s intuition!

Intolerance Reigns

We are no longer talking tolerance. The culture is physically and obviously becoming more intolerant.

The reaction, nay vast overreaction of some who are triggered by anything that says, quite innocently, “Make America Great Again” is seriously unstable. The words themselves are certainly innocent enough by themselves.

That some individuals, from the Stolen Value American Indian at the Lincoln Memorial, to a Facebook Friend who in debate with me on an issue asked if I owned a MAGA hat, the intolerance is with those who wish to react emotionally to the fact that their candidate lost most unexpectedly in 2016.

Today we are assured by some Hollywood type that MAGA hats are the new KKK hoods, not that Hollywood starlets have any political sway, and a Gym owner asks a long-time patron not to wear his “Trump 2016” T-Shirt to the work out.

The Tolerance League are exposed as intolerant, in spades. I could not bring myself to support either terribly flawed candidates, but I find “Pussy Hats” far more damaging to the culture, and certainly the Detroit Congresswoman’s crass public description of the president.

The Left has lost its cultural mooring. It is behaving as those they condemn…even worse.

Worse than unmoored, the left is unhinged…and has been since the Women’s March. The psychological shock of losing an election they thought was a slam dunk is the root cause of this drama.

Race Day Coming!

Back when I was racing SCCA sports cars, an endurance race was six hours — one hour of racing, four hours of fast driving, then another hour of racing. Just street sports cars, modified of course but driven to the course. Cost was on us, no sponsors.

Don’t bend it, you own it!

Today, it is 24 hours and that’s 24 one-hour sprints! This weekend it is the Rolex 24 of Daytona. This American race can’t compete yet with the 24 Hours Of Le Mans, but it grows each year in International Drivers and cars.

I’ll be glued to the TV this weekend —outside in 75 degree weather. Minerva!

Bring me another iced tea, extra lemon please!

Venezuela is Russia’s Tool

The dance in Venezuela has many more involved exterior players than the US.

Russia has invested $23 billion (they can ill afford) in Venezuela, including partial ownership of five oil fields and strong financial support of the Venezuelan military. There are $17 billion in loans!

Russia wanted to make Venezuela a vassal State on the South American continent, and it looks like its bet has failed.

Of course the game is not yet over. The military has not weighed in, and that is a game breaker. Whomever it sides with has a two possession advantage with two minutes to play. You can bet that several Generals are weighing the odds, with better information than we have.

Hundreds of thousands in the streets is a big signal, as is the fact that the US can move militarily very quickly if it desires. Russia may well shout a lot but, logistically, it is weak.

The current Maduro regime has the political support of Bolivia, Turkey, Russia, and Cuba. That is not a strong hand.

Supporting the new regime are most of the South American nations, Canada and the United States. Mexico is trying to have the center, but there is no center. Venezuela is expecting 10 million % inflation, and that means that a $.50 cup of coffee this month will cost $800 in December. The efforts of the government to print money has been defeated, and the economy has failed.

Three million people have fled to surrounding countries, 18,000 Doctors alone. The crises is coming to a head.

Why Is This A Question?

The fact that the SCOTUS vote to extend the Transgender ban temporarily was only 5-4 is a good example of why Trump was elected! In any rational society the vote would have been 9-0.

Remember that Trump has appointed two SCOTUS judges, and with any luck will appoint three. It may not save the nation, but it has gone a long way to save the military. In the Democrats effort to end discrimination, they would require blind fighter pilots. Wheelchair entry for tanks?

Screen doors in Submarines to improve crew ventilation might be next.

The military is not a Social club. The old saw that it is designed to kill people and break things is absolutely correct. I wrote a column years ago in the San Diego Union Tribune titled, “Boy Scouts Don’t Win Wars.”

They don’t. In the Bible, Numbers 31, God ordered Moses to kill all the Mediates, men women and children, all except the Virgins of which there were 15,000. Then God told Moses to distribute the Virgins to his winning troops. The Geneva Convention has protected our enemies from us, but not protected us from our enemies. North Korea, Vietnam and ISIS were not signatories to the Geneva Convention so our forces play by the Marquis of Queensberry Rules and our enemies play by the Marquis de Sade’s Rules. We have enough mentally and emotionally marginal troops normally who can deal with this anomaly without introducing highly dysfunctional individuals on purpose.

We keep trying to sanitize warfare, but that requires cooperation from your enemy. We keep inventing weapons the kill more indiscriminately, in spite of trying to limit collateral damage.

There is no way that Transgender people can be considered mentally and emotionally fit. They have undergone extensive surgeries, or worse want the military to pay for their elective surgeries and have someone else assume their duties. They take huge amounts of hormone drugs that make them unfit for duty.

The military discriminates. They do. They must. If bone spurs are considered medically disabling for military service then surely Transgendered humans, along with wheelchair applicants must be turned down!

Why is this even a question?

Puffery or Lies

8,158 lies or misleading statements are attributed to the president by the Washington Post during the first two years on the presidency.

Most of these are just “puffery,” Which Judge Judy defines as a Used Car Salesman telling a Buyer that his used car was “Driven by an old lady only to the Piggly Wiggly once a week.”

Which is also to say that an informed adult should not take Trump at his word any more than you would take a Used Car Salesman.

I know I don’t. I know TrumpBots, and they don’t take Trump statements as Gospel, either. Ruddy Giuliani doesn’t either and these days Rudy is dancing to try to walk back some of Trump’s statements that are legal landmines, not that Mueller’s investigation will be influenced but that public opinion will.

Giuliani is acting less as an attorney and more as a spin doctor, preparing the ground to make the Trump appear blameless for any ills Mueller might discover. Although Trump said no one with any responsibility met with the Russians to collude, Giuliani is dancing that back to say maybe someone met with the Russians to do something, but Trump didn’t know about it. Giuliani is moving back Trump’s statement that he didn’t talk to his attorney of 20 years about Mueller’s interrogation of Cohen.

Probably, Giuliani has a few more Trumpisms that need to be “walked back” as the investigation concludes. Giuliani is a very good lawyer, but he is about as nuanced as a freight train, and one New Yorker defending another New Yorker starts to grate on the ears of many people like a mob operation. “My client, Willie, come over here Willie, was in Queens the night Bango was shot. Willie don’t know nothing about it, and if one of Willie’s lieutenants shot Bango then he done it on his own.”

Trump hired Giuliani‘s street cred, but Giuliani is a lawyer and a damn good one, but Giuliani is not a PR man and he should leave that PR job to a woman with a mid-Western drawl. It won’t be easy to forget all of Trump’s efforts to plow the field before Mueller’s landing because it has been way too obvious. Mueller had a peerless reputation before the investigation, and although Trump has tried to sully that rep, Trump plays well primarily to TrumpBots.


Last week, hell froze over in San Diego.

The Mayor and City Council took a developer to task because he had not proposed greater density!

Whoa! After decades of beating developers about the head, neck, and shoulders to reduce density. Reduce density drastically. I have watched the previously proposed developments for decades, and never before heard a proposed density approved without being reduced.

Housing prices in San Diego have risen so steeply that prices are not normally sustainable, but the exodus from here because people can no longer afford living here, is monumental. One would think that people leaving in droves would cool prices, but it hasn’t. Retirees with money apparently fill those spots, but that leaves us with a barbell culture of only rich and poor.

Everyone has known this for decades, but the mindset not to become Los Angeles has been strong. Apparently that is inevitable, because the other part of the equation is that tax money for years has gone to little-used mass transit instead of freeways.

Increased development plus no new freeway lanes equals freeway freeze. Perhaps autonomous cars that can communicate with each other can save us but it will be a race. People will drive older, dumb cars for years, defeating somewhat the freeway efficiencies of autonomous cars.

But first will come the higher densities, presumably middle income housing, which in San Diego means a tick above $500,000. With five of the next eight days predicted to be in the 70s, I fully understand the lure of moving here, but it will be years before the new, more dense, and with lessened price increased San Diego becomes a reality.

As usual, government lags the problem, but the complete turnaround last week is a huge change.


Does no one have a decent memory any more?

The second I heard that Democrats wanted a virtual fence, the one we tried in 2011 was a complete failure. I remembered that one, although I thought it was Lockheed.

It was Boeing. Yes, that same Boeing whose planes we fly and whose space capsule presumes to take Astronauts to the Space Station.

They had a Billion dollar contract with Homeland Security, and Boeing FAILED! Had to scrap the whole thing.

Or this one

Obviously, technology improves over time.

Obviously there are parts of the 2,000 mile border that technology might be better than a wall, but walls work. The evidence is right before their eyes, and they refuse to see it for political reasons.

Any Ideas?

Starting five years ago in my newspaper columns, I started warning about the huge loss of jobs to be caused by Artificial Intelligence, and the possible need for a base government income. I hate the concept of a minimum living wage, but it has been bandied about for years, and I can honestly say I see no alternative.

There is a race between autonomous cars and autonomous trucks, and the dislocation of many of those long haul truckers. The economic disruption of trucking is staggering because 75% of the cost of many products is transportation, and when you can run a truck 24 hours a day instead of eight you can see the writing on the wall for many of the five million truckers.

In Arizona, there are 11 trucks currently on the road making deliveries. While they currently have a driver, and an engineer checking the data, eventually those jobs get phased out. Obviously a problem with a huge semi is orders of magnitude greater than a problem with a Tesla, so caution must be taken to avoid a whomping accident.

But the economics of automation in long haul trucks is so high that it will come. Automation of Uber (used as a generic term) is also coming, and it may happen even faster than trucks, simply because of the safety issue, but replacing all the Taxi-type drivers is easier, safer and has a public differentiation that equates to stock prices rising.

I have noted before that the Greeks and the Romans had slaves that equate to robots in future cultures, and they didn’t have a minimum wage for the no-slave citizens, but then the Greek and Roman upper class traveled with armed guards, and even then seldom moved about at night.

We need to avoid such extremes of rich and poor, and we will but the only solution currently under discussion is the dreaded government subsidy.

If anyone has an alternative…