A New Republican Power Base

Mitt Romney certainly fired a shot across Trump’s bow today.

Much is being made of Romney’s column in the Washington Post, probably more and less than it deserves. More because it marks a challenger for the Republican Primaries although officially unannounced, and less because it commented negatively on only the president’s character.

The column gives credit to Trump’s policies, which do indeed mirror Republican Party standards, but Romney remarks negatively on Trump’s character. That is not a cheap shot because few of Trump’s supporters believe Trump to be a paragon of virtue or a teller of truth.

Trump’s supporters will tell you that Trump succeeded in pushing policies that previous Republicans simply talked about. Trump actually pushed China on trade, Trump actually got a tax break through, Trump actually got a conservative Supreme Court, Trump actually faces illegal immigration down, Trump…

And Trump was elected president, not Bishop, so Trump should be valued as a politician not as a spiritual leader. We have had that spiritual leader in President Carter, Trump supporters will tell you, and a lot of good that did the US.

The Romney column plows no new ground. He tells us what we already know…that Trump is crude, rude and lewd, that Trump has embraced our historical enemies and enraged our friends.

Trump doesn’t view Russia, or North Korea with the anger I believe they deserve, he seeks only Cabinet members who are toad-eaters, and his crudeness has put off the effete of Europe as confirmation to them that Americans can’t divine the use of a salad fork.

The Senate has a new power base. It remains to be seen if anyone rallies to Romney’s side.

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