Border Rush

On New Year’s Eve, about 150 illegal aliens tried a Banzai Rush to the Wall here in San Diego. About two dozen illegals came over or under the wall, and were quickly apprehended by Border Patrol but not until the illegals attacked the Border Patrol with rocks and received tear gas in return.

All in all a failed attempt, but it does demonstrate a level of frustration in the Tijuana camp. There are rumors of a new Caravan forming in Honduras and this one is huge, a reported 15,000.

Those currently in the Tijuana camp probably want to get a leg up on the throng coming, if indeed they are coming, or coming all the way. It is possible the new Caravan will only get to southern Mexico where Mexico has a labor shortage. Caravan members now know that getting into the US is not the slam dunk they were told by the organizing agencies.

I can’t imagine the chaos that would be taking place in San Diego if we didn’t have our wall. Already the City Government is scrambling to provide warm shelter for both the fourth largest homeless population in America plus the illegals released after they have succeeded in their initial screening.

Nights are cold in deserts and we are a semi-arid desert. Being homeless on our streets is no piece of cake, and we have a large veteran homeless population that needs our aid before illegals.

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