Getting Scared

O.K. I admit. I have less confidence today in our government than I did yesterday.

Yesterday, we had Marine General Jim Mattis and Army General John Kelly, and today we have neither. I don’t scare easily, but I am scared.

You can tell me that there is nothing to worry about, but at best major players on the international scene who have almost a century between them of dedication to the nation’s future, are not there to act as a break on Trump’s most outrageous inclinations. And EVERY person who has left the White House has assured us that Trump has outrageous inclinations.

V.P. Pence has shown no ability, nor willingness to restrain Trump in any manner, and so the ship of state is unmoored. It could turn out alright, but the Kurds have been given cover in Syria only because of the intervention of Senator Graham, and that is a thin reed indeed to try to moor a ship as large as this nation.

One of the things I initially wrote in support of was the strength of Trump’s Cabinet. That Cabinet is now a shoebox as we have lost all the First Stringers and have a bunch of “Acting” members that no one ever heard of.

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