Even WaPo Recognizes a Problem

The WaPo article headlines “After years of Trump’s dire warnings, a ‘crisis’ has hit the border but generates little urgency”

Even WaPo admits that the Border is in crises because of a flood of families. Some people still believe that more illegals are leaving than are coming, but they are living in the days of the recession when that may have been true.

Today, however, with a booming economy the lure of economic benefit is incredibly strong, and the Border is under siege. What we don’t hear about is those illegal aliens who are crossing the desert. During Summer months, that can be deadly, but it is much safer and easier in Winter.

Right now, the San Diego Sector gets all the press because it is easier for “Journalists” to cover in an urban setting. Deserts are grimy places and “Journalists” — Who cover wars from hotel bars — don’t want their shoes scuffed in a desert.

Fortunately, the Border Patrol isn’t so squeamish, and they are there in force, but hardly sufficient to the task.

Our family centers are overflowing, so the individuals who have been through screening are being released on the streets of El Paso and San Diego.

San Diego is undergoing near freezing temperatures at night, and rain more often than is normal. San Diego can’t shelter our 8,000 homeless much less handle the Central American hordes. Right now, our Democratic City Council, under a lesbian Latina leader is most sympathetic to the illegals, but if facilities don’t exist, then they don’t exist.

And every day, there are more. Many more.

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