2018 has gone, leaving Jean and I little worse off than when it greeted us, and at age 85 that is a positive result.

The last few days of the year brought two most unexpected awards, literally out of the blue: The Who’s Who in America Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, and The Who’s Who Humanitarian Award.

Albert Nelson founded Who’s Who in America in 1899. I just wish I had won the awards while I was working, because putting it on my Facebook Page just isn’t the same as putting that on your resume.

But most importantly, Jean and I completed 61 years of the most amazing marriage without an unkind word passing between us during our marriage…she has been a perfect wife. She has lost most of her memory to Alzheimer’s, but remains a loving wife.

The inexorable march of that disease bodes problems this coming year. I hope for a medical breakthrough, but realistically recognize it will come too late. We have had 24/7 Caregivers for several years, and they will have their hands full this coming year. Life is good, but it has its challenges.

I hope to continue to blog regularly, but, although my interest continues, my time slowly becomes more restricted. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.