A Big Deal

We are so close to returning manned flight to Space, and it is a really big deal!

SpaceX will launch their unmanned space vehicle later this month, right now it is scheduled for the 17th and Boeing will follow by a few weeks or months. These capsules will be test vehicles, but if the tests are successful, those same capsules will carry humans later this year.

SpaceX will launch later this month, and will have their capsule marry with the Space Station for several days, then return to an ocean splashdown. There is one more test necessary, and that is the Emergency Release, which lets the Crew Capsule escape a launch problem.

At least one, and possibly both competitors will actually send Astronauts to the Space Station this year, negating the need to pay Russia for Space Station Soyuz launches. Russia has had a superior rocket for many years, old technology but very reliable, but finally private Americans firms have stepped up.

Make no mistake, this is a big deal.