Last week, hell froze over in San Diego.

The Mayor and City Council took a developer to task because he had not proposed greater density!

Whoa! After decades of beating developers about the head, neck, and shoulders to reduce density. Reduce density drastically. I have watched the previously proposed developments for decades, and never before heard a proposed density approved without being reduced.

Housing prices in San Diego have risen so steeply that prices are not normally sustainable, but the exodus from here because people can no longer afford living here, is monumental. One would think that people leaving in droves would cool prices, but it hasn’t. Retirees with money apparently fill those spots, but that leaves us with a barbell culture of only rich and poor.

Everyone has known this for decades, but the mindset not to become Los Angeles has been strong. Apparently that is inevitable, because the other part of the equation is that tax money for years has gone to little-used mass transit instead of freeways.

Increased development plus no new freeway lanes equals freeway freeze. Perhaps autonomous cars that can communicate with each other can save us but it will be a race. People will drive older, dumb cars for years, defeating somewhat the freeway efficiencies of autonomous cars.

But first will come the higher densities, presumably middle income housing, which in San Diego means a tick above $500,000. With five of the next eight days predicted to be in the 70s, I fully understand the lure of moving here, but it will be years before the new, more dense, and with lessened price increased San Diego becomes a reality.

As usual, government lags the problem, but the complete turnaround last week is a huge change.

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