Puffery or Lies

8,158 lies or misleading statements are attributed to the president by the Washington Post during the first two years on the presidency.

Most of these are just “puffery,” Which Judge Judy defines as a Used Car Salesman telling a Buyer that his used car was “Driven by an old lady only to the Piggly Wiggly once a week.”

Which is also to say that an informed adult should not take Trump at his word any more than you would take a Used Car Salesman.

I know I don’t. I know TrumpBots, and they don’t take Trump statements as Gospel, either. Ruddy Giuliani doesn’t either and these days Rudy is dancing to try to walk back some of Trump’s statements that are legal landmines, not that Mueller’s investigation will be influenced but that public opinion will.

Giuliani is acting less as an attorney and more as a spin doctor, preparing the ground to make the Trump appear blameless for any ills Mueller might discover. Although Trump said no one with any responsibility met with the Russians to collude, Giuliani is dancing that back to say maybe someone met with the Russians to do something, but Trump didn’t know about it. Giuliani is moving back Trump’s statement that he didn’t talk to his attorney of 20 years about Mueller’s interrogation of Cohen.

Probably, Giuliani has a few more Trumpisms that need to be “walked back” as the investigation concludes. Giuliani is a very good lawyer, but he is about as nuanced as a freight train, and one New Yorker defending another New Yorker starts to grate on the ears of many people like a mob operation. “My client, Willie, come over here Willie, was in Queens the night Bango was shot. Willie don’t know nothing about it, and if one of Willie’s lieutenants shot Bango then he done it on his own.”

Trump hired Giuliani‘s street cred, but Giuliani is a lawyer and a damn good one, but Giuliani is not a PR man and he should leave that PR job to a woman with a mid-Western drawl. It won’t be easy to forget all of Trump’s efforts to plow the field before Mueller’s landing because it has been way too obvious. Mueller had a peerless reputation before the investigation, and although Trump has tried to sully that rep, Trump plays well primarily to TrumpBots.

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