Why Is This A Question?

The fact that the SCOTUS vote to extend the Transgender ban temporarily was only 5-4 is a good example of why Trump was elected! In any rational society the vote would have been 9-0.

Remember that Trump has appointed two SCOTUS judges, and with any luck will appoint three. It may not save the nation, but it has gone a long way to save the military. In the Democrats effort to end discrimination, they would require blind fighter pilots. Wheelchair entry for tanks?

Screen doors in Submarines to improve crew ventilation might be next.

The military is not a Social club. The old saw that it is designed to kill people and break things is absolutely correct. I wrote a column years ago in the San Diego Union Tribune titled, “Boy Scouts Don’t Win Wars.”

They don’t. In the Bible, Numbers 31, God ordered Moses to kill all the Mediates, men women and children, all except the Virgins of which there were 15,000. Then God told Moses to distribute the Virgins to his winning troops. The Geneva Convention has protected our enemies from us, but not protected us from our enemies. North Korea, Vietnam and ISIS were not signatories to the Geneva Convention so our forces play by the Marquis of Queensberry Rules and our enemies play by the Marquis de Sade’s Rules. We have enough mentally and emotionally marginal troops normally who can deal with this anomaly without introducing highly dysfunctional individuals on purpose.

We keep trying to sanitize warfare, but that requires cooperation from your enemy. We keep inventing weapons the kill more indiscriminately, in spite of trying to limit collateral damage.

There is no way that Transgender people can be considered mentally and emotionally fit. They have undergone extensive surgeries, or worse want the military to pay for their elective surgeries and have someone else assume their duties. They take huge amounts of hormone drugs that make them unfit for duty.

The military discriminates. They do. They must. If bone spurs are considered medically disabling for military service then surely Transgendered humans, along with wheelchair applicants must be turned down!

Why is this even a question?

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