Intolerance Reigns

We are no longer talking tolerance. The culture is physically and obviously becoming more intolerant.

The reaction, nay vast overreaction of some who are triggered by anything that says, quite innocently, “Make America Great Again” is seriously unstable. The words themselves are certainly innocent enough by themselves.

That some individuals, from the Stolen Value American Indian at the Lincoln Memorial, to a Facebook Friend who in debate with me on an issue asked if I owned a MAGA hat, the intolerance is with those who wish to react emotionally to the fact that their candidate lost most unexpectedly in 2016.

Today we are assured by some Hollywood type that MAGA hats are the new KKK hoods, not that Hollywood starlets have any political sway, and a Gym owner asks a long-time patron not to wear his “Trump 2016” T-Shirt to the work out.

The Tolerance League are exposed as intolerant, in spades. I could not bring myself to support either terribly flawed candidates, but I find “Pussy Hats” far more damaging to the culture, and certainly the Detroit Congresswoman’s crass public description of the president.

The Left has lost its cultural mooring. It is behaving as those they condemn…even worse.

Worse than unmoored, the left is unhinged…and has been since the Women’s March. The psychological shock of losing an election they thought was a slam dunk is the root cause of this drama.

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