Trump Gets Conned II

O.K. I told you so! Many times. North Korea is not going to give up theirs Nukes.

Nukes are the only thing that differentiates North Korea from Chad. If Russia is one filling station and Nukes, North Korea is an Architect’s plans for a filling station, and Nukes.

So, Trump got played. Again. To give him just a bit of credit, Trump didn’t cave, he walked without even signing a Peace Treaty for the Korean War, although that war wasn’t even American, it was a United Nations war. I remember wearing a blue helmet as a sign that we were United Nations troops.

Trump has been on a massive losing streak ever since the 44 seat House defeat, and he needed a “W” and anything less was an “L.” The first day of the House grilling of Cohen certainly didn’t hurt Trump much. Cohen didn’t deliver a Smoking Gun on the first day, and it didn’t seem like anything more than name calling.

Where is Congress on This?

Cardinal George Pell, the previously third ranking cleric in the Vatican, just spent his first night in an Australian jail. I suppose that Australia has a tiered jail system and that the Cardinal will be not too inconvenienced by being placed in a White Collar jail for his protection, in spite of being convicted of a sexual assault on two Choirboys.

The Cardinal was convicted on four counts in December, but the conviction was sealed until the Cardinal could recover from knee surgery. He will actually be sentenced March 13, and could get 40 years but that is unlikely.

The Australian Commission that studied the problem, concluded that thousands of boys were assaulted in Australia. My question is that worldwide, with tens of thousands of boys being sexually used, how is it possible that EVERYONE in the Church did not know? At least those who were not participating must have at least heard rumors about such widespread abuse.

It is that coverup that so many US District Attorneys, in effect a Criminal Conspiracy, that reaches RICO standards that is being used in US cases. While our politicians battle in Congress, a much greater threat than political abuse looms like an elephant in the room, but politicians ignore it. If ever there was a subject rife with problems already being discovered piecemeal, it is this subject that should Be publicly aired!

There has been a massive coverup of Criminal Abuse that subjected several thousand American children to sex by force, but Congress remains silent.

Morning Musings

There is serious snow in the mountains around San Diego, within 45 minutes drive time from downtown, and we have had a wet Winter. Most communities in the County are at 200% of normal rainfall, and in fact all of California is out of the drought. Potholes are blooming!


Trump says that North Korea is denuclearizing, our Intelligence Chiefs say that North Korea is still building Nukes. Trump is angry that the Intelligence Chiefs refuse to follow his lead and instead tell the truth. North Korea is not now going to give up what brought them here because they learned from Russia that you can be a power with one filling station and a couple of Nukes. It worked.


We are impotent in Venezuela because of our history in Central America, but if we could get a resolution by the OAS we might be able to be a bit more muscular. I doubt we would actually need to use force, but as it stands we can’t even threaten to use force, relying on the ethereal “Everything is on the table.”


Bernie Sanders is an unapologetic Socialist! Hell, he honeymooned in the Soviet Union! Bernie was denied the Democratic nomination last time only by honeyfuggling by the Democratic National Committee. He may be denied again only because he is so easily hung with the Socialist label, and the Democrats are scared of being so publicly hung with the “Socialist” badge.


Is there a National Emergency on the Border? Well, no, except cumulatively— we have 22 million illegals living among us, and if we don’t want another 22 million illegals then we need to do something.

Of course the Democrats are right also, the National Emergency is a method of getting around Congress. But that does not mean that there is no National Emergency. 22 million living here with thousands more arriving daily at our Borders should not be “Business As Usual.”


Sexual slavery is widespread and worldwide, but I suspect Robert Kraft of the Patriots didn’t know he was promoting it by using a prostitute in Florida. Who knows what a particular prostitute’s motivation may be, but I am always happy to see a sex slavery ring broken up, while never happy to see a prostitute arrested. I was thrown off a jury panel because I told the Judge I couldn’t see spending thousands of dollars to prosecute a 21 year old Black girl for not performing a $25 sex act on a sting Sheriff! Dumbest expenditure of taxpayer funds, ever. I wrote a column about it in the North County Times.

I Miss General Mattis

In December, President Trump announced that ALL troops will be removed immediately from Syria. In protest, the Secretary Of Defense, General “Mad Dog” Mattis resigned.

Yesterday, President Trump relented to our Allies and our military leaders warning against an Obama-like withdrawal and announced that a small four hundred force will remain.

Result: We lost General Mattis for nothing!

“Next Year” for Padre Fans is Here

Baseball season is upon us, and the surprise so far is the Padres signing of Manny Machado for 300 million over 10;years. I know no one was more surprised than I was as a Padre fan, but I knew the Padres freed up a boatload of cash in restructuring their loan over the off-season. Strangely enough, they still sit on a bag of cash even after the Machado signing.

There are rumors of a Bryce Harper acquisition, but I doubt it. The Padres were weak at third base, but they are reasonably good in the outfield. The Padre minor league prospects are listed as the best in baseball, and that talent base could ripen this year or next, and they are trade bait right now.

San Diego has a decent lineup, the best stadium in baseball, the best prospects maturing quickly and a horde of cash. They have been lurking in the weeds while eating a lot of Wheaties. They can surprise no one now that they are beefed up with a superstar, but the best is yet to come. They may not be World Series contenders quite yet, but it is obvious they will not be cellar dwellers, either.

This is shaping up as the “Next Year” that Padre fans have waited for.

New Catholic Sex Abuse

Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard testimony for years, and as a consequence the highest Vatican Executive yet charged. Cardinal Pell, the Pope’s Chief Financial Advisor is charged with both passive and active participation in sex abuse in Australia.

The Commission found that 7% of Priests raped or molested thousands of young boys over many years, and that Cardinal Pell did nothing to stem the situation. More recent charges, unspecified personal charges of Cardinal Pell’s personal participation may be pending.

Cardinal Pell has previously testified before the Commission that “enormous mistakes” were made. The Cardinal must appear in Court on charges in July and he is presumed innocent. These are just charges but the Commission has done a serious investigation.

Coming, as it does on the same day as the Pope admits that Nuns were also abused by Priests, the saga of Church sex abuses is becoming an international tragedy.

I spent three years being educated by the Sisters of Divine Providence, and although I am not a Catholic I have nothing but the highest respect for those Nuns. That we boys were locked away from society in a Catholic Military School, in my case for three years, meant we had little to do but feed a rumor mill about our sole Priest and some of the pretty Nuns, but it was simply young boys salacious talk.

It turns out that the previous Pope disbanded an entire Order of Nuns for sexual activities. This Nun sex abuse scandal is just surfacing.

It is high time for the Catholic Church to admit that Priests and Nuns are human.