New Catholic Sex Abuse

Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has heard testimony for years, and as a consequence the highest Vatican Executive yet charged. Cardinal Pell, the Pope’s Chief Financial Advisor is charged with both passive and active participation in sex abuse in Australia.

The Commission found that 7% of Priests raped or molested thousands of young boys over many years, and that Cardinal Pell did nothing to stem the situation. More recent charges, unspecified personal charges of Cardinal Pell’s personal participation may be pending.

Cardinal Pell has previously testified before the Commission that “enormous mistakes” were made. The Cardinal must appear in Court on charges in July and he is presumed innocent. These are just charges but the Commission has done a serious investigation.

Coming, as it does on the same day as the Pope admits that Nuns were also abused by Priests, the saga of Church sex abuses is becoming an international tragedy.

I spent three years being educated by the Sisters of Divine Providence, and although I am not a Catholic I have nothing but the highest respect for those Nuns. That we boys were locked away from society in a Catholic Military School, in my case for three years, meant we had little to do but feed a rumor mill about our sole Priest and some of the pretty Nuns, but it was simply young boys salacious talk.

It turns out that the previous Pope disbanded an entire Order of Nuns for sexual activities. This Nun sex abuse scandal is just surfacing.

It is high time for the Catholic Church to admit that Priests and Nuns are human.

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