“Next Year” for Padre Fans is Here

Baseball season is upon us, and the surprise so far is the Padres signing of Manny Machado for 300 million over 10;years. I know no one was more surprised than I was as a Padre fan, but I knew the Padres freed up a boatload of cash in restructuring their loan over the off-season. Strangely enough, they still sit on a bag of cash even after the Machado signing.

There are rumors of a Bryce Harper acquisition, but I doubt it. The Padres were weak at third base, but they are reasonably good in the outfield. The Padre minor league prospects are listed as the best in baseball, and that talent base could ripen this year or next, and they are trade bait right now.

San Diego has a decent lineup, the best stadium in baseball, the best prospects maturing quickly and a horde of cash. They have been lurking in the weeds while eating a lot of Wheaties. They can surprise no one now that they are beefed up with a superstar, but the best is yet to come. They may not be World Series contenders quite yet, but it is obvious they will not be cellar dwellers, either.

This is shaping up as the “Next Year” that Padre fans have waited for.

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