Where is Congress on This?

Cardinal George Pell, the previously third ranking cleric in the Vatican, just spent his first night in an Australian jail. I suppose that Australia has a tiered jail system and that the Cardinal will be not too inconvenienced by being placed in a White Collar jail for his protection, in spite of being convicted of a sexual assault on two Choirboys.

The Cardinal was convicted on four counts in December, but the conviction was sealed until the Cardinal could recover from knee surgery. He will actually be sentenced March 13, and could get 40 years but that is unlikely.

The Australian Commission that studied the problem, concluded that thousands of boys were assaulted in Australia. My question is that worldwide, with tens of thousands of boys being sexually used, how is it possible that EVERYONE in the Church did not know? At least those who were not participating must have at least heard rumors about such widespread abuse.

It is that coverup that so many US District Attorneys, in effect a Criminal Conspiracy, that reaches RICO standards that is being used in US cases. While our politicians battle in Congress, a much greater threat than political abuse looms like an elephant in the room, but politicians ignore it. If ever there was a subject rife with problems already being discovered piecemeal, it is this subject that should Be publicly aired!

There has been a massive coverup of Criminal Abuse that subjected several thousand American children to sex by force, but Congress remains silent.

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