Trump Gets Conned II

O.K. I told you so! Many times. North Korea is not going to give up theirs Nukes.

Nukes are the only thing that differentiates North Korea from Chad. If Russia is one filling station and Nukes, North Korea is an Architect’s plans for a filling station, and Nukes.

So, Trump got played. Again. To give him just a bit of credit, Trump didn’t cave, he walked without even signing a Peace Treaty for the Korean War, although that war wasn’t even American, it was a United Nations war. I remember wearing a blue helmet as a sign that we were United Nations troops.

Trump has been on a massive losing streak ever since the 44 seat House defeat, and he needed a “W” and anything less was an “L.” The first day of the House grilling of Cohen certainly didn’t hurt Trump much. Cohen didn’t deliver a Smoking Gun on the first day, and it didn’t seem like anything more than name calling.