A Gentle Solution

San Diego is bracing for the president to possibly shut down our Border.

The entire system of immigration is being overwhelmed by illegal families, who are being immediately released upon registration, to theoretically return for a Court date they never will see.

About 100,000 illegals are being released monthly, swelling the existing illegal population by 1,500,000 a year. In San Diego they were sleeping on the streets until a huge building was dedicated to their care and feeding. Usually, families don’t remain in border cities, but pass through to meet up with family, who are themselves illegal.

(A study by YALE and MIT last year estimated the illegal population in the US to be 22 million.


The instant release program has not yet been implemented in San Diego, so we have been able to handle the influx, but providing for illegal families while US citizens remain on the streets has not gone down well, politically.

Meanwhile, rumors of the “Mother of all Caravans” appears overrated.

Our California Governor is planning an obvious political trip to Central America to evaluate the situation, but the US just signed a new treaty with their governments, and authorized almost $6 Billion, so an empty-handed Governor isn’t going to have much influence.

Closing the Border, especially in San Diego, the largest Border crossing in the world, will have immediate and catastrophic financial effect. Eventually, it will hurt Mexico far worse than the US, but the immediate impact on San Diego will be terrible.

I have another proposal, one that will impact the problem causers rather than the innocents: Buss the 100,000 a month families into Washington, D.C. and release them on the streets as they do in San Diego and El Paso. The illegals will need to be housed and fed, immediately, and their presence will be visible. Most will not remain, as families make arrangements, but the cumulative impact will be noticeable. Right now the problem is 2,000 miles away. Let it become local to those in charge of fixing it.

Let the lawmakers feel the impact!

Government Programs Are Forever

Proof that nothing is as eternal as a government program, and the prof is Special Olympics. It’s as if Betsy DeVos never heard of the try to defund the Public Broadcasting System or AMTRAK.

I once wrote a column announcing that I was now immortal without building a pyramid, simply by buying a ticket on AMTRAK. What I paid for my ticket was only a fraction of the cost, and the remainder would be carried on the US debt books forever!

I have supported Special Olympics because my donation was requested by a friend, and more than 90% of the Special Olympics budget comes from people like me. There are few organizations that don’t have 10% fat in them.

Not everything that is wonderful should be government funded, but once some politician gets a program on government rolls, even as a demonstration program, it is off to the Races! Forever!

Wait Till Next Year

As I await Opening Day Padre Game against the Giants, I have hope for the first time in many years. I am hoping for a Padre winning season, nothing more, but that would be wonderful. Predictions are for 85 wins. Some say 90. No one thinks we can do better, but that would be wonderful.

The answer is Machado. He is more than a $300 million game changer, he is a mind changer. Further Machado does more than invigorate the batting order, he also changes the attitude of other Top Tier players who will not automatically dismiss Padre offers. The Padres say they are sitting on cash, and shopping. That alone is a new ballgame for the Padres.

The Padre lineup has a new attitude. Our somewhat flaccid power hitters know that they can no longer be toyed with, because there is real damage available. Further, the vaunted Padre farm system, rated by baseball insiders as the second best in the Majors, is supplying its first product, Shortstop Freddy Tatis. Tatis may be a year early, he just turned 20 a few days ago, but the Padres had not expected to move in the Free Market until 2020, and then Machado became available and many things moved up by a year.

The Padres have moved up in Major League Baseball, from a Triple A team, to a Major League Team. It will not be a threat necessarily this year, but “Wait till next year” has real meaning in San Diego


One of the reasons Boeing self diagnoses the software in the 737 Max is simply that government programmers are not as capable as Boeing software programmers. Government programmers get paid a pittance compared to Boeing programmers, and if a government programmer was as proficient as a Boeing programmer they would be working for Boeing.

Even with program documentation, reading someone else’s program is Greek, and some programmers are so bad at writing documentation that someone must follow behind and document the programmer’s work. I was terrible at documentation, and my follow on person had to fight to get me to explain my theory of writing the program. I was more interested in my next line of code, than explaining my last line. Some programmers are plodders, some superstars. The superstars work for Boeing, and an FAA programmers can’t easily check the work of a Boeing programmer, so Boeing has been left to self check itself.


Other than further embarrassing the idiots who managed to let 16 felony charges slip through the cracks against Smollett, I don’t know what the FBI and DOJ can do about this case. There is that letter, of course, but that is already underway. Smollett has lost his job, and is probably toxic for some time, but I seriously doubt he will otherwise be punished.


While Democrats want the entire Mueller Report, as do all of us, they meanwhile condemn the Barr opinion of the Report without further mentioning that a Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein also signed onto the Barr Clift Notes. This was not just Barr’s opinion of the Mueller Report.

The Problem

There was an arrest in East San Diego County yesterday that encapsulates a lot of what can be called “current history.”

It certainly won’t take the Smollett Case, or the Mueller Report off the National News, or even much of the local news, still….

An unmarked Border Patrol car sitting beside the road noticed a Dodge minivan heading south, with only a driver visible. A quick license check indicated the van was a rental. About 15 minutes later they spotted the same Dodge minivan heading north, now with both a driver and passenger. That seemed suspicious, so the Border Patrol car pulled out and followed the van to a gas station, where the van was taking on gas.

While refueling, the Agents noticed that the minivan was rocking as if there were people inside, something they would not have noticed if the van had not been parked, so the agents let the van go on, but stopped it on the freeway.

Inside, the Agents found eight illegal aliens, laying atop one another, each of whom had paid $7,500 to $8,000 to some “Coyote” for a crossing point and transport north.

It was the rest of the haul that was surprising…$1,700 in cash, gun parts, and 24 different types of drugs, including heroin, methampthetamine, oxycodone, fentanyl, Xanax, and codeine, plus burglary tools and drug paraphernalia. How does one account for the drug “cocktail” — the wide range of drugs? Simple: Coyotes give a discount to any illegal willing to take a backpack across the border, and the illegals represent different Coyotes, and each Coyote represents different Cartels, or different branches of the same Cartel.

Not incidentally, the vehicle was driven by a U.S, citizen, who was arrested and charged with smuggling, demonstrating still another problem.

This was the entire border problem encapsulated in a single vehicle, an absolute cornucopia of trouble to this country!

If I Were President

#1 Rule of Thumb of the Hemphill Presidency!

No one who gets the Crown’s Shilling, should live one lick or tittle better than those who “followed the drum.”

Modern translation: No one who gets Welfare should live better than the lowest non-Combat Enlisted man in Boot Camp.

(The advantage civilians would have, is that they can leave anytime they get a job.!)

If it’s good enough for our military for being productive, then it’s good enough for ANYONE getting paid on welfare for being unproductive. Yes, I ended up an officer, but at 17 I joined as Enlisted, spent God knows how many weeks living in a barracks in Company 646 at San Diego Boot Camp.

(It was an entire company of Texans, the roughest, rowdiest, profane, and wonderful guys in the world…but each night we were so tired we took the first bunk we could reach and settled up in the a.m. to get our clean uniforms. I am convinced to this day we were discriminated against because were were all Texans.)

But I have always believed that anyone taking the “Crown’s Shilling” should be treated the same, military or civilian. Barracks and mess hall, work hours and drug inspection! I might add, that the Navy expects Sailors at sea to maintain 70 hour work weeks, but that ships have reported the occasional 100 hour work weeks!

If it was good enough for me, then it is good enough for them.

…Brought Forth a Mouse

And don’t start like the old writer of epic cycles:

‘Of Priam’s fate I’ll sing, and the greatest of Wars.’

What could he produce to match his opening promise?

Mountains will labour: what’s born? A ridiculous mouse!

(Ars Poetica, 136–9)

Aesop’s Fables

Yes, it strained and brought forth a mouse!

So, Conservatives want to know what the millions of dollars spent on the Mueller Report bought?

The answer is: Trump was absolved of any taint that he was a tool of Russia.

Now you may think the price was too high, but it cleared a major obstacle to his re-election. Schaffer, Brennan and a lot of others have egg on their face, and their future utterances should be discounted 75%.

There certainly was massive Russian interference in the 2018 election, but it was on the Obama Watch, and it continues to this day. The Kremlin weaponized their interference against ALL western nations years ago.

And Trump was the beneficiary of that, because the purpose of Russian interference was chaos, and Lord knows we have chaos.

But Trump had nothing to do with colluding with the Russians. It should make everyone happy that the president of the US is not a traitor.

Trump v. McCain

There is a meme floating of who, Trump or McCain would you have take your back in a foxhole.

Not talking politics, just humanity…Trump couldn’t carry McCain’s used Jockstrap.

Believe whomever you wish, but Trump’s Cellmate said MCCain was a HERO, and he said that on FOX news. McCain’s Cellmate was the holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. His name was Navy Captain Bud Day.

I am not in the habit of calling Medal of Honor winners, a liar.

Trump didn’t just dis MCCain, he dissed ALL POWs with his famous remark that he preferred those who were not caught in war. In that, he dissed (is that even a word?) the starved POWs of the Japanese, the tortured prisoners of the SS, the unfortunates of the Korean War…

Compare that purposeful slight of ALL POWs with Trump..

Sorry, but McCains Silver Star, and Purple Heart impresses me a great deal more than Trump’s Bone Spurs. All day. Every day.

And twice on Sunday!

Vaporware Deja Vu

Back when I was selling Apple Computers with only 16 KB (yes, that’s Kilobytes!), Apple would announce new products months in advance of delivery, the fail to meet its delivery date by week’s or months.

Apple finally stopped announcing delivery dates altogether, but its representatives who visited my store to take orders for product, would give me indications by pronouncing the actual delivery date by us in the word “Soon.”

There was “soon” and “sooon” and “soooooon.”

That’s the Mueller Report. I have seen weekly reports of the release of the product as soon…but nothing ever appears. In my old Apple days we referred to that as “Vaporware.”

Mueller and his team are fully funded through September. It is widely acknowledged, except on CNN, that Mueller has nothing on the subject of Collusion, his primary objective. It can be argued that Trump surrounded himself with a bunch of shady characters and that Mueller exposed them, but other than that it is unlikely that Mueller has a Smoking Gun for impeachment.

Meanwhile, we get nothing from Mueller and I have nothing but deja vu from my old Apple days of “soooon.”

IRS/FBI = Serious Hurt

While Hollywood has the most well known cheaters in the “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal, right now it appears that Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay is the center of activity. More than a dozen of the big donor cheating families come from the Bay Area.

When you are dealing with as many as 700 cheaters known so far, there are some serious shoes yet to drop and the investigation is not over.

The participants in the scheme could suffer not just embarrassment, but serious jail time because there is such public interest, and no judge is wanting to appear to give ultra rich people a soft sentence. There are Federal Mail and Wire charges here, and bribery is the least of their worries. It is even possible for some students to be charged if they knowingly participated

Certainly the families who entered into this scheme didn’t consider Federal charges of a serious nature, but when the FBI and IRS are involved, you are in for serious hurt!