How “Temporary” is Temporary?

Since 1990, a Law has permitted Temporary asylum or “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) not just to DACA residents, but Temporary relief and residence to people fleeing insurrections, earthquakes, and other disasters from 10 countries around the world. There are about 320,000 people living here under “TPS.”

Many of these “Temporary” residents have become so comfortable that long after native disasters have become history, they don’t want to return home. Some have been here so long, they hardly remember their previous home town, but the Trump administration has begun the process of revoking their “Temporary” status and the lawsuits have begun.

A good example is El Salvador’s TPS, who number 185,000. They were granted TPS in 1991 because of earthquakes that severely crushed that nation, but the nation has recovered and they are still here. In 2018 the Trump administration revoked the TPS for the El Salvadorians and begun to deport them, slowly, under an agreement with El Salvador to limit the weekly number.

Similar to the problem with the Mexican DACA children, many of the TPS people from the 10 countries covered by the 1990 law, have had children who are now American citizens and have never seen the native country that their parents are being deported to.

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