Morning Musings

“When called by a Panther, don’t anther.”

Ogden Nash


Trump’s proposed budget has some good points that are roiling Washington. He proposes a 10% cut in Education, (which should be a 100% cut) because education is, under the often ignored 10th Amendment, a state issue.

Trump proposes a 20+% cut in the EPA, again a winner. The EPA has run amok with “Enabling Regulations” exceeding the laws passed by Congress, particularly in Wetland issues, and needs to be cut back, severely.


I can’t say I know anything about the two actresses charged today in a scheme to get their children into good colleges through bribery and cheating, but the Hollywood scandals just pile up. The place is truly a cesspit.


While the Ethiopian Boeing jet that crashed may have done so for the anticipated automatic trim system of the Indonesian jet problem, the eyewitness on the ground all saw smoke, indicating a problem with the engines or possibly a terrorist bomb. Automatic Trim Systems could indeed cause a control problem if the plane wasn’t high enough, but the plane was trailing smoke. We will know soon enough because the problem has caused a huge, international glitch in air travel, mot to mention what it is doing to Boeing!


The sentencing of Cardinal Pew, one of the Top Five Vatican Cardinals, on sex charges in Australia, will be televised in Australia. The televised sentencing is unique in Australia.

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