IRS/FBI = Serious Hurt

While Hollywood has the most well known cheaters in the “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal, right now it appears that Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay is the center of activity. More than a dozen of the big donor cheating families come from the Bay Area.

When you are dealing with as many as 700 cheaters known so far, there are some serious shoes yet to drop and the investigation is not over.

The participants in the scheme could suffer not just embarrassment, but serious jail time because there is such public interest, and no judge is wanting to appear to give ultra rich people a soft sentence. There are Federal Mail and Wire charges here, and bribery is the least of their worries. It is even possible for some students to be charged if they knowingly participated

Certainly the families who entered into this scheme didn’t consider Federal charges of a serious nature, but when the FBI and IRS are involved, you are in for serious hurt!

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