Vaporware Deja Vu

Back when I was selling Apple Computers with only 16 KB (yes, that’s Kilobytes!), Apple would announce new products months in advance of delivery, the fail to meet its delivery date by week’s or months.

Apple finally stopped announcing delivery dates altogether, but its representatives who visited my store to take orders for product, would give me indications by pronouncing the actual delivery date by us in the word “Soon.”

There was “soon” and “sooon” and “soooooon.”

That’s the Mueller Report. I have seen weekly reports of the release of the product as soon…but nothing ever appears. In my old Apple days we referred to that as “Vaporware.”

Mueller and his team are fully funded through September. It is widely acknowledged, except on CNN, that Mueller has nothing on the subject of Collusion, his primary objective. It can be argued that Trump surrounded himself with a bunch of shady characters and that Mueller exposed them, but other than that it is unlikely that Mueller has a Smoking Gun for impeachment.

Meanwhile, we get nothing from Mueller and I have nothing but deja vu from my old Apple days of “soooon.”

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