Trump v. McCain

There is a meme floating of who, Trump or McCain would you have take your back in a foxhole.

Not talking politics, just humanity…Trump couldn’t carry McCain’s used Jockstrap.

Believe whomever you wish, but Trump’s Cellmate said MCCain was a HERO, and he said that on FOX news. McCain’s Cellmate was the holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. His name was Navy Captain Bud Day.

I am not in the habit of calling Medal of Honor winners, a liar.

Trump didn’t just dis MCCain, he dissed ALL POWs with his famous remark that he preferred those who were not caught in war. In that, he dissed (is that even a word?) the starved POWs of the Japanese, the tortured prisoners of the SS, the unfortunates of the Korean War…

Compare that purposeful slight of ALL POWs with Trump..

Sorry, but McCains Silver Star, and Purple Heart impresses me a great deal more than Trump’s Bone Spurs. All day. Every day.

And twice on Sunday!

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