If I Were President

#1 Rule of Thumb of the Hemphill Presidency!

No one who gets the Crown’s Shilling, should live one lick or tittle better than those who “followed the drum.”

Modern translation: No one who gets Welfare should live better than the lowest non-Combat Enlisted man in Boot Camp.

(The advantage civilians would have, is that they can leave anytime they get a job.!)

If it’s good enough for our military for being productive, then it’s good enough for ANYONE getting paid on welfare for being unproductive. Yes, I ended up an officer, but at 17 I joined as Enlisted, spent God knows how many weeks living in a barracks in Company 646 at San Diego Boot Camp.

(It was an entire company of Texans, the roughest, rowdiest, profane, and wonderful guys in the world…but each night we were so tired we took the first bunk we could reach and settled up in the a.m. to get our clean uniforms. I am convinced to this day we were discriminated against because were were all Texans.)

But I have always believed that anyone taking the “Crown’s Shilling” should be treated the same, military or civilian. Barracks and mess hall, work hours and drug inspection! I might add, that the Navy expects Sailors at sea to maintain 70 hour work weeks, but that ships have reported the occasional 100 hour work weeks!

If it was good enough for me, then it is good enough for them.

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