The Problem

There was an arrest in East San Diego County yesterday that encapsulates a lot of what can be called “current history.”

It certainly won’t take the Smollett Case, or the Mueller Report off the National News, or even much of the local news, still….

An unmarked Border Patrol car sitting beside the road noticed a Dodge minivan heading south, with only a driver visible. A quick license check indicated the van was a rental. About 15 minutes later they spotted the same Dodge minivan heading north, now with both a driver and passenger. That seemed suspicious, so the Border Patrol car pulled out and followed the van to a gas station, where the van was taking on gas.

While refueling, the Agents noticed that the minivan was rocking as if there were people inside, something they would not have noticed if the van had not been parked, so the agents let the van go on, but stopped it on the freeway.

Inside, the Agents found eight illegal aliens, laying atop one another, each of whom had paid $7,500 to $8,000 to some “Coyote” for a crossing point and transport north.

It was the rest of the haul that was surprising…$1,700 in cash, gun parts, and 24 different types of drugs, including heroin, methampthetamine, oxycodone, fentanyl, Xanax, and codeine, plus burglary tools and drug paraphernalia. How does one account for the drug “cocktail” — the wide range of drugs? Simple: Coyotes give a discount to any illegal willing to take a backpack across the border, and the illegals represent different Coyotes, and each Coyote represents different Cartels, or different branches of the same Cartel.

Not incidentally, the vehicle was driven by a U.S, citizen, who was arrested and charged with smuggling, demonstrating still another problem.

This was the entire border problem encapsulated in a single vehicle, an absolute cornucopia of trouble to this country!

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