One of the reasons Boeing self diagnoses the software in the 737 Max is simply that government programmers are not as capable as Boeing software programmers. Government programmers get paid a pittance compared to Boeing programmers, and if a government programmer was as proficient as a Boeing programmer they would be working for Boeing.

Even with program documentation, reading someone else’s program is Greek, and some programmers are so bad at writing documentation that someone must follow behind and document the programmer’s work. I was terrible at documentation, and my follow on person had to fight to get me to explain my theory of writing the program. I was more interested in my next line of code, than explaining my last line. Some programmers are plodders, some superstars. The superstars work for Boeing, and an FAA programmers can’t easily check the work of a Boeing programmer, so Boeing has been left to self check itself.


Other than further embarrassing the idiots who managed to let 16 felony charges slip through the cracks against Smollett, I don’t know what the FBI and DOJ can do about this case. There is that letter, of course, but that is already underway. Smollett has lost his job, and is probably toxic for some time, but I seriously doubt he will otherwise be punished.


While Democrats want the entire Mueller Report, as do all of us, they meanwhile condemn the Barr opinion of the Report without further mentioning that a Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein also signed onto the Barr Clift Notes. This was not just Barr’s opinion of the Mueller Report.

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