Wait Till Next Year

As I await Opening Day Padre Game against the Giants, I have hope for the first time in many years. I am hoping for a Padre winning season, nothing more, but that would be wonderful. Predictions are for 85 wins. Some say 90. No one thinks we can do better, but that would be wonderful.

The answer is Machado. He is more than a $300 million game changer, he is a mind changer. Further Machado does more than invigorate the batting order, he also changes the attitude of other Top Tier players who will not automatically dismiss Padre offers. The Padres say they are sitting on cash, and shopping. That alone is a new ballgame for the Padres.

The Padre lineup has a new attitude. Our somewhat flaccid power hitters know that they can no longer be toyed with, because there is real damage available. Further, the vaunted Padre farm system, rated by baseball insiders as the second best in the Majors, is supplying its first product, Shortstop Freddy Tatis. Tatis may be a year early, he just turned 20 a few days ago, but the Padres had not expected to move in the Free Market until 2020, and then Machado became available and many things moved up by a year.

The Padres have moved up in Major League Baseball, from a Triple A team, to a Major League Team. It will not be a threat necessarily this year, but “Wait till next year” has real meaning in San Diego

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