A Gentle Solution

San Diego is bracing for the president to possibly shut down our Border.

The entire system of immigration is being overwhelmed by illegal families, who are being immediately released upon registration, to theoretically return for a Court date they never will see.

About 100,000 illegals are being released monthly, swelling the existing illegal population by 1,500,000 a year. In San Diego they were sleeping on the streets until a huge building was dedicated to their care and feeding. Usually, families don’t remain in border cities, but pass through to meet up with family, who are themselves illegal.

(A study by YALE and MIT last year estimated the illegal population in the US to be 22 million.


The instant release program has not yet been implemented in San Diego, so we have been able to handle the influx, but providing for illegal families while US citizens remain on the streets has not gone down well, politically.

Meanwhile, rumors of the “Mother of all Caravans” appears overrated.

Our California Governor is planning an obvious political trip to Central America to evaluate the situation, but the US just signed a new treaty with their governments, and authorized almost $6 Billion, so an empty-handed Governor isn’t going to have much influence.

Closing the Border, especially in San Diego, the largest Border crossing in the world, will have immediate and catastrophic financial effect. Eventually, it will hurt Mexico far worse than the US, but the immediate impact on San Diego will be terrible.

I have another proposal, one that will impact the problem causers rather than the innocents: Buss the 100,000 a month families into Washington, D.C. and release them on the streets as they do in San Diego and El Paso. The illegals will need to be housed and fed, immediately, and their presence will be visible. Most will not remain, as families make arrangements, but the cumulative impact will be noticeable. Right now the problem is 2,000 miles away. Let it become local to those in charge of fixing it.

Let the lawmakers feel the impact!

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