Devolved Into An Absurdity

Martina Navratilova and several others argue in the Washington Post today that the Equality Bill, introduced in both the House and Senate, is not fair!

They want an exception for Title IX sports.

The Equality Bills make no such exceptions as written. Under the Equality Bills there could be no Women’s 100 Meter and Men’s 100 Meter Dash…just a single 100 Meter Dash, men competing against women.

I have argued for this for decades. Having separate but equal is inherently unequal…I heard this somewhere in my youth.

Martina Navratilova argues that the fastest woman in the world at 400 Meters had her time eclipsed by 275 high school males in 2018, and on 783 occasions. America’s best woman high jumper had her best jump exceeded by 50 male high jumpers last year by 50 high schoolers just in California.

Of course one of the impetus for an Equality Act at all is because of Transgenders and their demand for equal treatment. Rather than try to divide the sports further into four categories, the Equality Acts say, and the ACLU supports just a single category, and the Devil take the hindmost.

In our search for Equality, we have finally devolved to this Absurdity. It is obvious to me that Men and Women are not equal, they are not the same and that trying to meld them into one is a biological failure.

First Amendment

Arghhh…surely I should not need to remind Tucker Carlson that Amazon can block/ban/ignore books all they want without coming near the First Amendment, because the First Amendment ONLY protects against government reaction against expression. Amazon is a private concern.

So is Facebook. Both Facebook should be castigated for their political bias, but it doesn’t savage the First Amendment, But Tucker conflates the subject of private interests and government agencies.

To Tucker’s credit, he catalogued the problems of the Obama Administration’s actual Government violations of the First Amendment. Does the name James Rosen ring a bell?

I deplore the actions of Amazon and Facebook. Unfortunately, they are ubiquitous, although I use DuckDuckGo as an alternative to Google as much as possible, and shop WalMart Online more often than Amazon. I have no alternative to Facebook but the guys they took off their private system are not a violation of the First Amendment.

Some Are Close Friends…

The idiot who attacked the congregation of Temple Chabad in Poway, and whose name should not be mentioned ever again, should have been identified by someone before his cowardly attack.

Lori Gilbert Kaye died, putting herself before the Rabbi, took a bullet, and died. An unarmed Army Veteran rushed the attacker, chasing him into his car. An off-duty Border Patrolman put a bullet into the attacker’s car as he fled. That bullet may have cemented into the attacker’s mind that he could die young for his attack.

Facing life in prison is an equally daunting event for a 19 year old, although I doubt that most 19 year old college students have thought ANYTHING through. In the past, Tom Metzger, famous KKK leader lived in our North County but nothing has been heard of anything untoward in years. There are plenty of activists and radical fellow students at Cal State, San Marcos with this idiot, so his opportunity to attack people with whom he disagrees were close at home.

I know many in the congregation of the Temple. Some are close friends. They are shocked, and I am angry. If I were any longer physically capable I would gladly act as armed security for their services.

The FBI will unseal a terror plot designed for multiple Southern California targets this afternoon. What is going on?

Only One Idiot, I Hope

The Poway Shooting, while not a “massacre” was indeed a Hate Crime against Jews, and within, literally 100 yards of a home I lived in for 22 years.

There is a strong and vibrant Jewish community in Rancho Bernardo/Poway, and this crime will not cause it to crumble. The Jews in the area are truly a strong group, and I must admit that this came out of the blue. There is no culture of anti-Semitism in the area, and unless someone finds a college group in Cal State San Marcos, this is just one crazy idiot. Of course it’s a college campus, so who knows? This same idiot attacked an Escondido Jewish Temple in Escondido recently, he admits. It’s way early, but the murderer appears to be just a nut, at this time.

I wrote for the local paper for 35 years. This is my old stomping ground, and these are my people, not in the religious sense but in more than the geographic sense. This Jewish community is not some aging group of retired lawn bowlers, it is a strong, active group of warm, wonderful people.

I mourn with them.

No Rose Garden

I am beginning to look on the Trump Revolution in historical revolution terms.

Trump is a Revolutionary in political terms, but it is a modern Revolution. Other Western nations have breached physical walls to bring down the elites who have historically overlooked the common man. The United States was different from the British, who, under Cromwell, “abridged” the King’s head after leading a Parliamentary Army over the Kings Army. It was a particularly bloody war, and series of massacres. Many thousands of women, children and surrendered soldiers were “put to the sword.”

The French, uncharacteristically, said, “Hold my beer. Watch this!” and blood flowed, with the King and Queen Guillotined. The French nearly ran out of heads to roll, and had to Guillotine the guy who invented the Guillotine, Mssr. Guillotine.

The Russians, tired of the excesses of the Czars, promptly doubled down on excesses and killed the Tsar and his entire family with bullets and bayonets. Anastasia died.

Trump is an American political Revolutionary, and he is overturning everything, because the common folks in the center of the country decided that the elites (and effete, in their terms) had lost the “hand on the plow” language, and the basic simplicity of the common man. They wanted a fighter, and they didn’t care if he swore, caroused, made money, insulted foreigners…hell, they didn’t care so long as he overturned the tables in the Temple. The center of the country was sick of politicians, and Trump was not a politician. He may not have checked off every box, but he was also not Hillary.

This is a political, and bloodless revolution. Heads may not roll, except metaphorically as reputations fall. Not everything is going to be smooth…revolutions aren’t smooth. They are not pretty. This one certainly isn’t, but it isn’t the storming of The Bastille, either. Physical excesses of the past are being rolled back, pockets of political vipers are being exposed, political hypocrisy is now obvious, a hollowed out Military is being rebuilt, and our electronic vulnerability over decades is obvious.

But the Revolutionary Leader is personally flawed. Terribly. We were not promised a rose garden, and Trump isn’t nearly as bad as his historical predecessors.

Morning Musings

Kindle books has noted that I have downloaded and read 199 books, and that does not include that more than 100 audio book I have listened to from


San Diego and San Francisco have approximately the same population, with San Diego slightly larger. And San Diego’s homeless population is also slightly larger, 8,000 to 7,500. What San Diego doesn’t have is a Poop Patrol like San Francisco, because, apparently, San Diego has a better class of homeless. San Francisco had more than 28,000 piles of poop REPORTED in 2018.


To give you some idea of the isolation of the Island of Kauai, Jean and I were relaxing in our “Second Home” when Columbine occurred. It made the bottom of the third page of the Kauai daily paper, the Garden Island, had the report at the bottom of page 3. That isolation from life on the Mainland, is why I went there 26 times for an average of 6 weeks at a time.


The San Diego Padres are indeed seeking their level, after their awesome start. They have lost six in a row. Pitchers aren’t pitching and hitters aren’t hitting. The $300 million man looks like the $1.37 man…but this too shall pass. I’ll still settle for a .500 season.

Mueller Report, Day One: Hillary Still Not President

It’s day one after the Mueller Report, and Hill Army still isn’t President!

The Mueller Report highlighted the attempt by the Russian government to interfere with our election, and Mueller never shone any light on Trump’s blind eye toward Russia.

One thing was clear: there was no collusion, and I watched CNN in full meltdown mode yesterday morning. CNN shifted to the 10 times there was an “sort of,” “maybe,” “almost,” “perhaps” obstruction of justice.

I heard a great analogy…a baseball manager is irate about calling his base runner out at second, and starts to storm out of the dugout to argue with the Umpire. Two burly players stop the manager. The Manager did not argue with the Ump. He may have intended to argue, but he didn’t.

The president certainly intended to fire Mueller, and therefore obstruct justice, but his staff grabbed his coat tails and dragged him back. In the end, he didn’t obstruct justice, much to CNN’s horror.

The nation is suffering from Mueller Fatigue. I understand the Democrats strange need to continue this, but honestly at the end of the day, Hillary still will not be president. If $25 million can’t find a smoking gun to criminally charge the president, it is highly unlikely that a Congressional Committee will find that smoking gun.

First Looks

First looks at the Mueller Report shows that the president was well served by his staff, because when the president ordered them to do something they knew was wrong or illegal, his staff members either slow-walked the order, or threatened to resign.

The president TRIED to obstruct the investigation, but failed. Putting the best view of the situation, the president is a New York developer, and he simply didn’t know how government works.

It is reasonable to believe that the president didn’t avail himself of his attorneys before trying to obstruct, because the president doesn’t listen to anyone.

Non-Religious Larger Than Catholics

The 44 year running of the General Social study, shows that for the first time those of us with no religion, called “Religious Nones” are the largest single group in America religious identity.

In the latest survey, we outnumber Catholics in the United States and Evangelicals, although the three groups are so close as to be a statistical tie. The trend lines over time shows we non- religious are largest and surging.

Interesting enough, although we are a plurality, we have zero representation in Congress. I strongly suspect there are closet worshipers of the Great Spaghetti Monster, such as myself, but they remain in the closet. My dog tags in the military read “Religion None” so this is no late conversion for me.

This is interesting because I run across Bloggers daily who claim that this is a “Christian Nation,” which it never was designed to be. It was certainly founded by Christians, although of a sect few would recognize today, and most of the population is Christian today if you combine all the Christian sects, but the nation was designed to be a secular nation.

As one of the non-religious, I condemn those of us who want to take down crosses and other religious symbols. Most of us are simply “live and let live” folks, but because we are not organized we can’t oppose those who do organize against Christians.

Hell Hath Frozen Over

It’s Sunday, so I’ll do a sports throwaway…

The problem I see with Tiger Woods winning the Masters (a terrific feat even though I hate golf), and some great player with the Baltimore Orioles getting his first hit after going 0 for 54, is that it masks the BIG NEWS!

The Padres are in FIRST PLACE!

And not just first place in the National West, but three games over the second place…and the hated Dodgers!

O.K. The Padres are playing over their heads, and soon they will come down to earth, but it’s heady time. The Padres have won each of the last three games by a single run, so luck has something to do with it, but still…