Collateral Damage

The people I fear for if Trump actually closes the Border are the thousands, possibly tens of thousands of Tijuana residents, most US Citizens who live in “TJ” but work here in San Diego. In a normal market they could rent apartments on this side and just continue to work but the hot housing market here leaves no place to live.

Those smart enough to have an RV can camp on the streets, because the stupid Democratic City Council made the city a Homeless Haven. Homeless folks with RV, or who can buy a partially wrecked RV that can run, or creep, can park anywhere and stay for days in one location. They are called “Homeless” not “Stupid” so they have flooded the beautiful streets of the beach areas of La Jolla and Point Loma and other nice neighborhoods.

So if the TJ residents are smart they will buy an old RV and live on San Diego streets — even their car will do fine in a pinch — heck if you are smart you too can have a Second Home in San Diego on City streets. Free!

Trump could massively impact San Diego in ways he can’t even imagine!

Not Much

The most recent “Presentism” (Placing today’s mores on past people) falls not to salve owners, but Joe Biden.

Now Joe has always been a bit creepy, but suddenly Joe has committed a hanging offense in the Social Justice eyes. The culture change got ahead of him.

So the Social Justice folks have started to eat their own. Joe is probably the only potential Democrat who can give Trump a real competition and the Democrats have cut his Achilles’ tendons over nothing much.