The Avocado Non-War

Do you remember not one but two Carrier Strike Fleets cruising toward North Korea? The message was clear: Denuclearize or Die! Today, the Carrier Strike Groups are nowhere to be seen, Kim and Trump are buddies and not one North Korea Nuke has been destroyed.

Strange! ( But True!)

In Venezuela, we have gone from “all options are on the table” to Russian troops landing at Venezuelan airfields.

And now, The local back…ahh…”climb down,” from closing the border to Mexico has a year’s grace. At 100,000 illegal aliens a month, that is a million more illegals before a required resolution of the Central American Exodus.

Of course it could happen sooner, but the new Socialist president of Mexico is simpatico with the migrants. Actually, almost everyone has sympathy with the migrants…I know if I lived in their shoes I would be in a caravan.

The law is broken, and Washington could solve most of it in a day. The Democrats have a reverse incentive to solve it…they want Trump to twist in the wind. Democrats still can’t accept that their anointed was defeated.

This is not a right and a wrong. It is a clash of two moral rights, but one legal right and one legal wrong. Laws are based on national practicalities, not morality. Morality is the province of religion. America takes in a million legal immigrants a year, far larger than any other nation, however, illegal aliens are wonderful, illiterate folks. They draw down an already badly damaged K-12 California System, and do nothing to improve education anywhere.

If this was happening in northern Virginia, it would be solved in a day.

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