I Have 1.5% DNA (Except in Texas)

The discovery of still another form of humanoid on the Philippine island of Luzon makes by my count, five human species, all of which died out over time leaving just our branch of the human species.

No doubt we will eventually discover still more types, but the Concept of an Adam and Eve in a Middle Eastern garden continues to be buried in a coffin with so many nails that it is a Full Metal Jacket.

That won’t stop my fellow Texans — I refuse to accept California — from continuing with that Biblical myth. It will be 10 more generations before they accept Evolution. Perhaps more.

Current DNA can differentiate Neanderthal DNA from our European DNA, and I have 1.5% Neanderthal DNA.


Too Much “Acting”

I hope I am not spotting a trend, but General Mattis resigned when he could not convince Trump not to take all troops immediately out of Syria, then Trump performed his famous “climb-down.” Some troops stay, but we lost General Mattis.

Now, it appears we just lost Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the same way. Trump apparently wanted to reinstate his most controversial policy, child separation, and according to a speech Trump just made, try to blame the child separation policy on Obama.

It may be true but the policy is attributed to Trump in the public’s eye, and that cannot be overcome because the Democratic Party slime machine was successful.

Once again, Trump climbed down, but it cost us Kirstjen Nielsen. Her role will not easily be filled on a permanent basis, just as the Mattis’ role has not been filled. Great applicants don’t even consider these terrific positions because everyone knows that the REAL secretary of Defense is minor military high school school graduate Donald Trump, and the real Secretary Of Homeland Security Is Donald Trump.

And the vacancies pile up. More than 25% of the President’s Cabinet level positions are held by “Acting” and not permanent appointees.