Non-Religious Larger Than Catholics

The 44 year running of the General Social study, shows that for the first time those of us with no religion, called “Religious Nones” are the largest single group in America religious identity.

In the latest survey, we outnumber Catholics in the United States and Evangelicals, although the three groups are so close as to be a statistical tie. The trend lines over time shows we non- religious are largest and surging.

Interesting enough, although we are a plurality, we have zero representation in Congress. I strongly suspect there are closet worshipers of the Great Spaghetti Monster, such as myself, but they remain in the closet. My dog tags in the military read “Religion None” so this is no late conversion for me.

This is interesting because I run across Bloggers daily who claim that this is a “Christian Nation,” which it never was designed to be. It was certainly founded by Christians, although of a sect few would recognize today, and most of the population is Christian today if you combine all the Christian sects, but the nation was designed to be a secular nation.

As one of the non-religious, I condemn those of us who want to take down crosses and other religious symbols. Most of us are simply “live and let live” folks, but because we are not organized we can’t oppose those who do organize against Christians.

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